Journalism’s Reckoning

Dogma Be Damned: Set Real Journalists Free

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“It is an incredible testament to Guardian journalism that so many new readers have supported us financially over the last year. As we look ahead, deepening our relationships with more readers and growing our digital reader revenues will be central to the Guardian’s future strategy and long-term success.”

In reality, there’s no way in hell to expect the growing number of partisan (mostly right-wing) “news” sites to have a come-to-journalism-Jesus moment and discover that facts actually do matter. Those that control their purse strings have too much at stake to allow this to happen.

“The days of dispassionate journalism are long gone,” he said. “We have to acknowledge our audience and validate what we’re all seeing.”

In announcing the formation of an “Opinion” section (headed by former Quartz EIC Kevin Delaney), The Information’s Jessica Lessin proclaimed:

“Opinion sections across the media landscape are becoming hidebound by ideology. As such, they are boringly predictable, and smart readers want more. We aim to inform, not troll,” she added.

Top tier news organizations have always had op-ed sections, separate and apart from their news holes. Some take this church-and-state separation seriously like The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal, while others less so, e.g., Fox News’s day-side “news” operation, which is anything but “fair and balanced.”

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